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20.11.2018 10:39
The average electricity consumption increases by 84% in the winter months
Over 70% of household electricity bills during the December-February period are for heating

  • CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD calls for reasonable consumption and implementation of energy efficiency measures
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With the lowering of temperatures during the winter season, electricity consumption is rising. The data from CEZ Electro Bulgaria shows that the average household electricity consumption of its clients in December, January and February 2014-2018 is 329 kilowatt-hours, which is almost 84% more than in September for the same period. The reason for the increase is the relatively high share of electricity used for heating in Bulgaria. This also affects the amount of monthly invoices. Surveys show that over 70% of the electricity bill for a four-person household during December-February is for heating and hot water, and the remaining 30% is distributed between cooling, cooking, dishwashing, washing, lighting and other electrical appliances.

As consumption is a major factor in the formation of the electricity bill, the energy company calls for reasonable consumption and implementation of energy efficiency measures. Advice in this direction, apart from rehabilitation of the house and selection of appliances with a high energy class, include also changes in the habits and ways of thinking. Some actions require neither special efforts nor the purchase of new appliances, but certainly lead to greater control of household electricity costs without disturbing home comfort.

Savings on the electric bill can be achieved by reducing the heating temperature by 1 degree. This will reduce the consumption by up to 10%. Water heating costs will also be reduced by up to 10%, if the heater temperature is reduced from 60°C to 55°C. Using energy-efficient lamps, washing clothes at 30°C, disconnecting electrical appliances from the grid when not in use are part of the measures requiring little or no investment, which also leads to a reduction in monthly electricity bills.
CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD is strongly committed to the promotion of energy efficiency ideas. The company's initiatives in this direction are aimed not only at contributing to sustainable development and environmental protection, but also in creating a completely new attitude towards electricity consumption.

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