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09.07.2018 09:58
The Chinese CZEC, expects that an agreement regarding NPP "Belene" will be signed in 2019

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The Chinese engineering company CZEC (CHINA ZHONGYUAN ENGINEERING), which represents the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), has been preparing for more than two years for the NPP “Belene” project. Even though its restart was only decided a month ago, 24 Hours reports.

“In the beginning of this year, we announced our intention to participate to your Ministry of Energy. We have a big interest in this investment and are familiar with the preliminary conditions – no state guarantees for loans or trading of energy.”, announced the VP of CZEC Ding Jian in the business forum which accompanied the 16 + 1 meeting in Sofia.

Jian explained that the company is ready to finance 30% of the investment with its own funds and 70% through loans from different banks.

“I think that Russia will be definitely involved in the project, since the nuclear technology is theirs. We have nothing against it, we are partners. We have experience in building and operating their technology, but we do not have the possibility to project it,” explained Ding. The VP does not exclude the participation of French investment, even though Framatome, announced its desire for participation, but solely as operator.

The cost of the project is still being analysed, the Chinese businessman announced. He expects that by the end of October, the tender documents will be made public and by the end of the year CZEC will join the tender. It is expected that in the begging of 2019 the contract is signed, and operations begin.

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