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21.09.2017 14:37
Bulgarian Gas Incumbent Will Not Be Collecting Transport Fee after October 1
The expected impact on the end-price of natural gas is expected to be an increase with 2.4 per cent

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Bulgarian gas incumbent will not be collecting a gas transport fee as of October 1, a report by the country’s energy watchdog on Bulgargaz pricing request for Q4 said.
The BGN 19.73/1,000 cub. m (EUR 10.09/1,000 cub. m) fee has been excluded from the quarterly regulatory report on Bulgargaz pricing requests for the first time ever. This comes as a proof that Bulgaria is to implement an entry-exit taxing model on gas transport and transit grids managed by another state-run company – Bulgartransgaz, despite protests on the behalf of large industrial gas and power consumers.

The expected impact on the end-price of natural gas is expected to be an increase within 2.4 per cent.

Nevertheless, the regulatory report shows that the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) has agreed with the gas price requested by Bulgargaz for the last quarter of 2017. Gas sold by the incumbent to large consumers district heating utilities and gas transmission companies will thus cost 7.29 per cent less than in the third quarter, or BGN 343.22/1,000 cub. m (EUR 175.62/1,000 cub. m), BGN 5.89/1,000 cub. m out of which go to Bulgargaz for its service. BGN 2.34 per each 1,000 cub m go towards the “Obligations to Society” fee, payable by all energy utilities. This particular pricing component has been calculated to cover the costs of Bulgargaz for storing natural gas at Bulgaria’s sole UGGS at Chiren.

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